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WiDS Riyadh @KACST 2019





Energy and Industry 4.0


Health and Bioinformatics






Aseel Addawood
Dr. Shada Alsalamah



ssdsNetwork Analysis using Gephi

In this workshop, we will discuss the main pillars of network analysis and present a useful tool to carry out most coding tasks. The workshop will entail:

  • A brief introduction about the types of networks.

  • How to represent networks in linear algebra and manipulate them.

  • How to detect clusters within the network.

  • How to use Gephi to visualize and analyze networks.


ssdsIntroduction to Blockchain for Data Scientists

Introduction about Blockchain and how it works. What makes Blockchain so powerful and how it is related to data science. Some applications of Blockchain.




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Got Research in Data Science ?

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  • Demonstrate your skills

  • Join the Poster Competition !

Whether you are a Student or a professional, and you would like to join the data science community. Participating with scientific posters containing your research, project and work will help you enhance you network with professionals, and gain feedback.


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